Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lucid Nightmare Interview

The Lucid Dream Exchange just published its summer edition, and included is Robert Waggoner's interview of myself.

Included in the interview, of course, are my favorite topics in dream studies: lucid nightmares, healing, the Conquistadors of Consciousness, abstract geometric imagery, flying, ancestor dreams, and lucid dreaming as a scientific methodology.

So for anyone who's interested in what I have been up in the dreamworld for the last three years, this is the Dungan download. (Pdf under Ryan Hurd)

For more of my work, check out my new blog about dreams, lucid dreaming and consciousness research.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wild Plum Harvest!

It's summer! Check out the plums bursting off the trees in the California hills. We harvested for about half an hour, and walked away with three backpacks full of ripe plumage.

Plum bread, plum soda, plum beer, plum jam, plum chutney.... we're set for the next year and we hardly made a dent in the crop. You see, there's just not enough squirrels and birds around to eat the fruit. We shot the bears long ago, and the coyote are only mildly interested. So it's up to us, folks.

I get excited when I go on urban forages. There is a palpable sense that this could be a way of life, not just a Bay Area hobby between runs to the grocery store. My apocalyptic sensabilities get stirred up. What would life be like if all the food wasn't under lock and key? If the homeless were allowed to eat restaurant scraps? If I had to feed my family with the resources located only in this valley?

And here's a close-up of the season's first plum bread, just to point out that some things really shouldn't be photographed on macro. It was the most delicious eruption of plum vulgarity ever. A tart vortex into warm comfort. It was a gooey mess of goodness, to be completely honest.

Next up: plum soda.