Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Northern European Ancestral Remembrance - March 22, 2008

I saw Apela Colorado speak last summer in California. She's got a new message for Northern Europeans about ancestral remembrance that she is uniquely qualified to give due to her mixed heritages. Colorado says that the only way out of the post-colonial traps of isolation and fragmentation is to remember who we are, and what duties we have been charged with.

Mark the spring equinox on yer calender for this special, global event.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bacon Vodka Will Cure Your Ails

Dear Readers,

You know I have a slight obsession with inappropriate meat products. And it's true that I once invented "choco-bacon" and served it - on toothpicks - to a crowd of drunken college students who were generally not interested but would eat it if I sustained eye contact.

I love humans.

So, check out this incredible recipe for bacon infused vodka. Become enraptured like I am at the possibilities inherent in this world.

Photo credit: McAuliflower 2008.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lucid Dreaming and the Paleolithic

I just wrote an article about lucid dreaming, shamanism, and the Paleolithic era over at my dream research blog. Read it here: lucid dreaming shamanism.

Basically, I've gotten bored with the assertion that lucid dreaming is a Western invention of Aristotle or Carlos Casteneda so I figured it was time to consider the big picture concerning the natural visionary potential of dreams. Many people know about the long history of Tibetan Buddhism's Dream Yoga and its relationship to lucid dreaming, but I haven't seen many discussions of the inevitability of Paleolithic Dreamers - especially considering how their visionary art has survived in many caves and rock outcroppings.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Just a Smattering of Shadow Work

I'd like to share some fascinating site statistics about Dreamcrisp. The average length of time real people look at this blog when they click on a google link or some other referring url is 14 seconds. Not coincidentally, four out of five unique visitors find this site after searching for porn space.

Evidently, these folks don't find what they're looking for. In honor of my most popular post, I recently updated it to help them along on their noble quest: check it here and review the first paragraph's new link.

Other popular searches that result in people stumbling onto Dreamcrisp include:

poop piles
meat helmets
suburban fetish

and my personal favorite:

don't taze me bro t-shirt

Now, if that isn't a business opportunity, I don't know my ass from a pile of meat helmets. This statistical farce evidently shows that one of the major, as yet unstated, themes here at Dreamcrisp is the human shadow.

Robert Bly describes the shadow as that invisible bag we drag behind us, where we keep all those things we don't like about ourselves, our culture, and our humanity. It's the Dr Jekyll to our everyday ego. You know, the dark side.

I'm all about the dark side. You have to be if dream research is your passion. My focus on perpetual culture shock is actually an attempt to own the rejected parts of myself and society, and call them out when I see them play out on a bigger stage. It's creepy, yes, and it makes me laugh.

This is the dreamwork, ya'll.