Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bacon Vodka Will Cure Your Ails

Dear Readers,

You know I have a slight obsession with inappropriate meat products. And it's true that I once invented "choco-bacon" and served it - on toothpicks - to a crowd of drunken college students who were generally not interested but would eat it if I sustained eye contact.

I love humans.

So, check out this incredible recipe for bacon infused vodka. Become enraptured like I am at the possibilities inherent in this world.

Photo credit: McAuliflower 2008.


Dr. Desiree said...

Duder, I never told you this, but about a year ago, I explained Choco-Bacon to an older co-worker, a nurse, actually, particularly annoying and repugnant, who, completely missing the irony (and Choco-Bacon is nothing if not ironical), decided to serve Choco-Bacon at her big Superbowl Sunday meat-fest. Yeah, totally. She had one of those $199 chocolate fountains that all the middle American housewives were scarfing up at Sam's all last year. And she filled that f*cker up, then put a concentric circle of bacon around it like it was some kid of a g*ddamn unholy meat icon. "Everybody loved it," she glowingly reported back to me, with spit glistening on her lower lip, "or maybe they didn't and just didn't want to say so." And THAT is the power of Choco-Bacon, friends!

ermaloff said...


I had one boyfriend who particularly loved bacon, but I would not kiss his (particularly large and especially able to hold a lot of grease) bacony lips for a whole day afterwards (not to mention go near his clothes and hair that clung to the smell).


dungan said...

bacon lips.

Dr. Desiree said...