Wednesday, August 06, 2008

MacGyver Eat my Muffler

Enjoy this pic of my truck's muffler held together with some wire, a tent stake, and a can of Budweiser. This is how I rolled through the CA border station this summer.

It's better now.


ermaloff said...

I think my favorite muffler additive is the budweiser can (I hope you found that...ahem).

My poor (long gone) '78 Chevy Monte Carlo once had a battery cable short at a traffic light. My MacGyver moment was when I fixed it with my shoelace - cars behind me, beeping.

Death Mouse said...

I once powered through a blizzard in the San Luis Valley with broken wiper blades. I tied a piece of clothesline rope to the driver's side wiper blade and, pulling it by hand while my road companion pulled from the other end to effect a crude "wiping" motion, made my way out of the infernal deathscape.

dungan said...

ermahoff - that's funny, the CA state patrol asked me the same question about said beer can. I just blushed and stammered "shhhhhh, no...." and hoped he wouldn't notice my expired tags.

death mouse - congratulations for making it through the san luis valley vortex alive. that's a crazy place, full of tricks and traps.