Sunday, November 23, 2008

Picking Feral Pears

They make you feel like a very bad person for picking the fruit out of an orchard that hasn't been managed properly for thirty years or more. (I originally typed out "like a terrorist" but then the Feral Princess says, "A terrorist? They do say Please.")

Motionless in pear trees when the cars go by, filling up a backpack each. Evading a Ranger in a white truck. The action resonates back into the Middle Ages, or anytime in the past and the future that we climb uninvited into the King's private gardens.

Suburban forage is my responsibility to this land, and that trumps my responsibility to the King.


feralkevin said...

They don't seem to care however, about poisoning the wildlife with the arsenic filled post that the sign is attached to.

Dr. Desiree said...

i once built a loft out of treated lumber. i meant to buy untreated, but wasn't paying attention. too lazy to exchange it, i went ahead with my plans. I slept on that loft for well over a year before the side effects started to emerge...painful urination, double vision, dizzy spells. Just kidding. There weren't any noticeable side effects. I probably just shaved ten years off my life.