Monday, June 19, 2006


Yes, the living is easy. The wild plums are dripping off the trees, the mugwort is flowering, and there's enough loquats to feed an army. Instead of dispersing rations, however, my lady made a delicious pie. It's summer! I've got two weeks with no grad school. I might just read fiction. Fiction!
Also, there are four different brews fermenting in the house as we speak. We've got a black sage brew, a wild plum melomel, a mugwort and hops IPA and some other conctoction that my roommate threw into a glass container that looks totally feral. Here is a pic of the two we brewed last night:

All is want to do is lay around in my hammock and eat of the fruit of the earth. First, though, a journey to Boston for the 2006 conference of the Association for the Study of Dreams. I'll report the highlights upon return to the west.

"The West is the best.
Get here - we'll do the rest." -Jim Morrison

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Anonymous said...

Found! Summertime! Yes!