Friday, May 12, 2006

Daddy, what was freedom of information?

This is not a political blog, but some scary shit is going down in Congress. The internet is in danger of being twisted into a capitalistic scheme that will result in the loss of our equal access to information. Of course, there's always room for the discussion about how equal the internet is now, what with googlebombing and key word hierarchies in place. But believe me, we are still in the wild west. As a librarian at heart, I urge you to consider how valuable freedom of information is to democracy. Click on the link to learn more.
Now back to our bizarro lives.

Save the Net Now

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Anonymous said...

Seriously. What ever happened to the freedom of, oh I don't know, SPEECH? or how about the PRESS? It's time that they stop friggin restricting us and quit becoming what Orwell was complaining about already.