Sunday, October 08, 2006

Suburban Fetish of the Week

I've been accused in the past of "making up" the connection between little girls, horses, and - um - sensuality. This little piece of art, devised by Dominic Wilcox, is actually available for sale. Custom-made. Real leather and multiple settings. "Putting the fun back in housework" is the tagline.

Feministing bloggers, to whom I owe this find, wonder if it's a tool of the patriarchy or an honest appraisal of housewives' lonely days.

A close woman friend of mine, meanwhile, wonders if it's functional. "Those corners aren't going to work," she says, "it needs more rounded edges. Also, if it was really designed by a woman for women, it wouldn't be leather... it's still a male fantasy."

Perhaps. But I'm not the one who had my first orgasm at a canter.

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