Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Case of the Deep-fried Flag

The world's awesomest art exhibit was prematurely torn down last week in Clarksville, Tennessee. William Gentry of Austin, TX apparently infuriated this sleepy community by exhibiting American flags that were deep fried. He had a mission - something about obesity and the south.

But Clarksville is a military town, and people got pretty upset that the stars and bars were dipped in peanut oil and then fried to a golden brown. Obviously this is insulting to those who prefer to eat their flags raw, or who have become accustomed to American values being pickled.

The whole ordeal reminds me of Elvis. Anyone who has had the chance to snack on his miraculous Golden Loaf knows what I'm talking about here.

As my readers know, I ask all the hard-hitting questions on this blog: If french fries can be "freedom fries," then isn't it natural for the next step to lower the American flag into a cauldron of boiling oil?

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