Sunday, August 26, 2007

Canada still cold

It's true that record low ice levels in the Artic may be responsible for some drastic changes in weather in the near future.

The good news is, we'll be able to open the Northwest Passage perhaps as early as 2020. That's gonna come in handy once McDonalds colonizes the north pole. Until a proper beef pipeline is in place, of course.

However, Canadians maintain that their country is still cold and miserable, after hearing that the promise of a bountiful future, as well as gentle lefty values, may be luring too many Americans above the 66th parallel.

Me? I'm moving to the dank heart of the southern swamps.


Damp Swamp Monster said...

Damn right you are!

feralkevin said...

Just a couple of thoughts . . .

I followed the link to "bountiful future" and read something about how because of global warming the U.S will become a dust bowl and Canada will become "an agricultural powerhouse." Even if articles such as these are more nuanced than they appear, I still think that way of thinking, even if an ironic slogan, is horrifically misleading. If the U.S. becomes a dust bowl, and global warming starts to really shake things up, there won't be an economy as we know it to even measure who is a powerhouse and who is not.

On another critical note, I think that making witty satirical-like blog posts about this stuff just keeps people away from what they should be feeling -- despair. Because if we are not feeling despair, then we are in complete denial. People need be throwing themselves onto the ground, weeping and thrashing around and feeling the pain of the planet and understanding that no action will make any difference if the problem isn't actually felt in the heart.

This is the same reason that I hate the Simpsons.