Thursday, August 02, 2007

Meat Bubbles

Here's my vote for the Suburban Fetish of the Month. A friend of mine just purchased the Fetch-a-Bubble, which provides, quote, "hours of chicken-scented bubble fun" for your dog. He is, like his dog, intrigued and simultaneously horrified at the phenomenon of Meat Bubbles.

I promise I'm not being paid for this referral. In fact, I'm pretty sure that meat bubbles are the worst idea ever. But I can't deny its insidious genius. Dogs are, indeed, morbidly fascinated by bubbles. And this device promises to crank out a thousand meat-scented bubbles a minute.

Let's repeat the central promise here: Hours of meat-scented bubble fun! You know, I have a cousin who can match this level of productivity, meat bubble by meat bubble, after eating a bowl of my mom's beefy chili.

So is this Suburban Fetish just the reinvention of the Fart Machine for a more distinguished audience? The lines are open for debate.
Image is property of Gazillion.


Danielle said...

I can say decidedly that a) my dog would probably love that, and b) never in my wildest imagination can I picture myself standing over a pot of au jus and soap - concocting. So if it came in a little plastic bottle with a pink plastic wand, to the tune of $1.99, I might buy it.

dungan said...

pink plastic wands.. that's a good market. almost as timeless as a pickle on a stick.