Tuesday, December 04, 2007

the Murky Murk

Besides reflecting on the particularities of marsh ecology, the following quotation also reveals why Luke Skywalker had to train in Dagobah.

"What should the seeker of enlightenment do? Fearlessly look into the seat of the trouble. Where the grief is the strongest, the doubt most disturbing, the turmoil most opaque, the ignorance most dark - that is the place where enlightenment will break through. Lotuses only grow in swamps."
David Brazier, from the Feeling Buddha


ermaloff said...

Yeah, I totally read that quote with yoda voice in my head, and then I saw who wrote it. Thanks.


Dr. Desiree said...

But what are those conical guys nudging up from the muck?

dungan said...

those be cypress boobies; the goddess making a run for it.

Dr. Desiree said...

Go, goddess, go!