Friday, November 30, 2007

Peak oil and bleak marshes

A longtime reader of Dreamcrisp requested more photos of Paynes Prairie. Well, here you go. The subtle beauty of the north Florida wilderness is hard to capture, and I'm sorry to say that this image reveals little of this ecosystem's certain magic. But if you could just smell the breeze.... I'm hoping to get out for another photo foray soon, so stayed tuned.

In other news, I recently found this authority site on Peak Oil by Matt Savinar. This information has been well cited in government halls, including the floor of the Senate. If you only read one article on peak oil and the imminent collapse of our economy, let it be from Matt's library.


ermaloff said...

Something about the flatness of Florida depresses me, but ironically, not the lowcountry of South Carolina. Mmmmm, you can smell it when you get there.


dungan said...

yeah, but Florida's big sky country too. i don't know why people think montana has bigger skies. all those annoying mountains in the way!