Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sonny's reign

It rained in North GA last night - up to .75 of an inch in some locales. Governor Sonny Purdue is calling it an affirmation. Of what, exactly, I'm not sure. That God listened? Or that our elected officials function better as charismatic gurus than civic leaders?

But now's as good a time as any to remember the Maharishi Effect. Keep praying for rain, and our elected weather shaman may fill the reservoirs after all.


Dr. Desiree said...

A whole .75 inch??!!!!! Nice work, Supreme Ruler of the Universe!

Emily said...

When I heard the (short) rainshower on the roof last night my first thought was "now those assholes are going to think all they have to do is pray".
Yeh. Baby Jesus loves yard fountains.

ermaloff said...

It was forecast to rain that night when Sonny scheduled the prayer vigil.

I slept through it, so I'm still not sure someone didn't just walk on my street and toss some buckets of faux water on to the road, and blow the leaves around a bit for effect.

dungan said...

ya'll made me giggle. i just want to emphasize that i'm not anti-prayer...i just think it's a lousy way to run a government. i'd be much more impressed tho if Sonny had held his vigil when there was no chance of rain on the way.

Dr. Desiree said...

Shit yeah. I agree, Dungan. I pray every day, but I don't invite the media to come and broadcast it. I also don't let it take the place of action. (We do inhabit these fleshy mortal coils, Sonny.) Then again, what action can you take against a drought? Well, as you point out in yr original post, Dungan, there's quite a number of issues that cd use addressing right about now. Maybe our gawd-fearin' Mr. Perdue said a secret prayer for skillful means. A sub-prayer, if you will. A prayerlet?