Wednesday, November 14, 2007

We're prayin' for rain

The Governor of Georgia finally took action two days ago and faced the crowd to say that it's true that the state is fixing to run out of water.

From NPR news: Perdue, a Baptist, said people here have not done all they can to conserve and manage the state's resources.

What's up his sleeves - A new water sharing plan with Alabama? A moratorium on industry to not dip so many of their spacely sprockets into the last vat of the drinking water, at least for a day or two? Sue Florida again because all of Georgia's water is running downhill? Or a plea for residents to perhaps forgo shaving their legs in the tub?

No, he prayed for rain. Read a more holistic account of this spectacle by a Georgia native. I'm too pissed off to be holistic right now, but I am talking about sacred rage so maybe it's Integral Frothing.

I grew up in Georgia too, but I'm viscerally removed from this Twilight Zone episode. My water's coming straight out of the aquifer that is located 60 feet under my feets, so my anger is also slouching at a comfortable distance. Or so it seems.

More from NPR: The governor has been focused on the drought for weeks. Last month, Perdue declared a state of emergency in much of Georgia and called for conservation.

Just think of that - the governor has been focused for weeks. Weeks at a time, even. That's the kind of foresight we need given the current pizza party that is 21st century civilization.

Is the first world crashing down? Not quite yet. But this could be a tragedy and an expensive one too. Georgia is about to owe another big one to the feds. Don't rise right now, ya'll. Just drink the trucked-in water, don't leave your homes, stock up on wonderbread and it'll work out.

As for praying for rain itself, not the lack of civic thinking, the denial of the term carrying capacity, and Purdue's historic green light on anything resembling growth, I'm all for it. It's a time tested method. It's worked in the Middle East for thousands of years. Oh, wait, that was 1999. Okay, it still can't hurt.

Let's all check up on the Global Consciousness Project just in case.

Maybe the Urban Scout is on to something. Maybe we should learn to swim if we're prayin' for rain.


z. said...

It's all gonna come crashing down & we better prepare ourselves. Our culture is full-speed ahead with no thinking about the consequences.

There was a story on NPR about jackasses in Charlotte who didn't like how the water restrictions were ruining their landscaping, so they're building private wells that aren't subject to the same restrictions. IT IS NOT ALL ABOUT YOU. OR YOUR FREAKIN' LAWN.

The world we live in reminds me of the fable about the grasshopper & the ant.

When NYC gets blown up or falls into the sea, if we somehow make our way down to you, will you take us in?

chiggles said...

pray for rain?
heh, best be praying for tidal waves!